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Nava's Landscaping

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Tree Care Services

Tree Trimming (before)

These trees are extremely full, they have been thinned out, trimmed and lifted. Below are the results. 

Tree Trimming (after) 

 They are now good for months to go. 

Tree Guying

Tree has been guyed down. A more secure way to keep your tree from leaning over. If your tree/s have stakes installed and they lean to the side we recommend to guy it down instead.

Tree Staking

A 15 gallon tree was planted and installed 3 wooden stakes for security. 


Tree Planting

This 15 gallon tree was planted. We also plant 24 gallon trees, palm tree and or bushes. 


Tree Removal (before)

This bush/tree was removed. We can remove trees to floor level or with root and we haul away. Results are to you right.

Tree Removal (after)

This bush/tree in particular has been removed and hauled away.

Tree Removal

We remove large trees. We can cut at floor level or remove with root and haul away for you.

Tree Removal (left for firewood)

This tree was removed and left for firewood per customer's request. We can do this for you too!

Palm Tree Planting (15 gallon)

Palm Tree Planting

Tree, Bush & Palm Trimming

Clean up was completed and trees & palm trees were trimmed. Wonderful results. All branches were hauled away.