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Frequent asked questions!

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover over the phone (3% credit card fee may apply).  We also accept cash and checks.

Which are your maintenance plans and how often are they scheduled? 
We provide weekly, biweekly and monthly maintenance's. Weekly maintenance's are scheduled every 7 days. Biweekly maintenance's are scheduled every 14 days. Monthly maintenance's are scheduled every 28 days. Our maintenance's are scheduled this way so they land on the same day of the week since we are in different areas daily. If you are not interested in a maintenance plan all you need to do is contact us when your yard needs a clean up and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote.

What does maintenance include?
Our maintenance includes trimming of shrubs bushes and ground covers up to 6 ft. high as needed, mowing and edging the grass, we remove weeds by hand, we also power blow, rake the gravel as needed and remove the debris. If weed problem still persist we may recommend pre-emergent treatment. 

If we notice or find anything wrong with your irrigation system we will notify you immediately. Any irrigation repairs can be completed at an additional cost. 

When out completing a maintenance if there is irrigation problems will you repair it?
We must first contact you to notify you the problem and cost. We must get an approval to proceed with any repairs.

Can I get a quote over the phone?
Every yard is different and unique therefore we must go out take a look before we can provide you with a price. Contact us today and we can schedule a free no obligation estimate. If you are not able to meet with us (with your permission) we can go out take a look and either leave your estimate at the door or contact you directly with the quote details.

Does Nava's Landscaping offer financing? 
We do not offer financing, we accept all major credit card payments.

Why should I over-seed my Bermuda grass? 
Bermuda is not a cold weather turf. As soon as the weather drops, it goes dormant and turns brown until the weather of spring returns. If you would like to see your lawn nice and green all year long, you will have to over-seed your grass with rye grass. It is your choice to over-seed. The one disadvantage of a dormant turf is weeds. the cold weather and rain that come with the winter storms stimulate the germination and growth of winter weeds. If you decide to over-seed the warm temperatures of October are perfect. 

When should I fertilize?
If your lawn is actively growing we recommend to fertilize once a month.